Maltra Foods product specific certifications

In today's ultra competitive market place every product must aim to differentiate in order to create some form of advantage. At Maltra we understand that like the people they target; every product strives to offer something unique, and that is the reason why we strive to offer and are happy to work to multiple certifications that will enhance the appeal of your products.

Maltra Foods also has the ability to deliver gluten free products and maintains a strict "Nut Free" manufacturing premises. So, whether you want to deliver products that leverage the health appeal of 100% organic, the social and ethical proposition of FairTrade, adhere to specific religious codes or just want the assurance of "Nut Free" manufacturing, Maltra Foods has the solution.

Australian Certified Organic, FairTrade, K, Halal Australia, Certifications

The PDF formats of the certifications above are available below:

  • Australian Certified Organic Certification Download
  • Fairtrade Certification Download

If you would like to find out how certifications could provide a competitive advantage for your product, contact us today.