Cocoa Powder Specifications - JB100

Product Category NATURAL
Product Type Natural
Product Code JB100-11
Physical and Chemical Characteristics:
pH 5.0-5.9
Fat Content (%) 10 –12
Fineness, (%< 75μm) 99.75min. (wet method, through 200 mesh sieve)
Moisture (%) 5.0 max.
Shell Content (%) 1.75max (Shell in Nib after Winnowing)
Colour Up to standard
Flavour Up to standard
Microbiological Characteristics:
Total Plate Count / g 3,000 max.
Yeast & mould / g 50 max.
Enterobacteriaceae / g Negative
Coliforms / g Negative
E. coli / g Negative
Salmonellae / 100g Negative

These specifications apply at the time the goods leave the factory. They are analyzed according to the methods of analysis as described in in-house testing methods.

Product Description

Cocoa powder is the final product obtained by mechanical pulverization of cocoa pressed cake.


  • 25kg pasted valve paper bag, which has 3-ply SCL HP where the second ply is with PE coated and a layer of thermo valve coating.
  • 1000kg big bag, which has internal PE liner
  • Our products conform to all food regulations in the country of destination and they have not been sterilized by fumigation or irradiation.

Shelf Life

  • 24 months in original packaging
  • Keep cocoa powder in cool, dry storage and free from foreign odours